About us

Excellent hospitality

Through excellent hospitality, we have been providing business transportation for top corporations and governments for over 30 years. All our Meesterchauffeurs (i.e., drivers) have hospitality running through their veins, it is truly part of their personality. Because of this, we can continuously anticipate logistical challenges both national and international level, so that our passengers travel comfortably, professionally, and discreetly.

Professional, punctual, and discrete

Meesterchauffeurs have years of experience in transporting executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, heads of states and directors of top companies and government institutions. They are the best drivers who have ensured that we can offer our passengers our professional, punctual, and discreet services for many years. These include chauffeur services with or without a car, roadshows, and global transfers to developing a transportation plan for major events and conventions.

Exceptional hospitality

It goes without saying that everyone who uses our services is transported in detail and with complete respect. We go many times beyond standard passenger transportation. Among other things, our Meesterchauffeurs combine dissection with the right degree of commitment. In addition, we make connections like no other, keep a sharp eye on schedules and make stressful moments run smoothly. With the highest efficiency, we ensure that our passengers experience transportation as a moment of tranquility. Everything so that they arrive at their appointment relaxed and well prepared – both nationally and internationally.

With over 30 years of experience, discretion, and excellent hospitality, we ensure that our passengers, both nationally and internationally, arrive relaxed and well prepared for their appointments.

Our starting point

Paul Brenkman and Peter van Oijen started Meesterchauffeurs out of a passion for innovation and hospitality in passenger transport: “By combining our love of high-quality passenger transport with a good dose of innovation and perfectionism, our company was even able to grow internationally. Together with the team of excellent drivers, we have been a close-knit group where there is a friendly atmosphere for many years.”

Paul Brenkman

Peter van Oijen