Excellent hospitality

High-quality passenger transportation

Executive transport

Both the Meesterchauffeurs and the car are of the highest standard. Our drivers are of course qualified and possess additional driving licenses and certificates.


Meesterchauffeurs have extensive experience in the planning and execution of roadshow transport. Our planners and drivers are prepared for busy travel schedules and anticipate sudden changes.


Meesterchauffeurs are on standby for transportation before, during and after events. These include conferences, sporting events, embassy meetings (with protocol transportation) and concerts.


+31 (0) 85 30 30 255

About us

Excellent hospitality,
the engine of our organization

Through excellent hospitality, we have been providing business transportation for top corporations and governments for over 30 years. All our Meesterchauffeurs (i.e., drivers) have hospitality running through their veins, it is truly part of their personality. Because of this, we can continuously anticipate logistical challenges both on national and international level, so that our passengers travel comfortably, professionally, and discreetly.

International network
of private drivers

Meesterchauffeurs take care of all essentials down to the last detail. Anywhere in the world, Meesterchauffeurs are on time and responsive to logistical challenges. Per country, region, or city, the unique passenger invariably meets the same, friendly face as the driver of the car.

business transport

We feel a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future and therefore confidently express our commitment to be one of the first carriers to drive fully electric. Indeed, our commitment to sustainable transportation stems from our personal motivation to fight pollution. Our cars are currently hybrid (emission-free) and where possible, fully electric.